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  • Book Review: 'iGods'
    Book Review: 'iGods'
    (AUGUST 2014) This month's Editor's Pick is iGODS by Craig Detweiler.
  • Author Talk: Henry Cloud
    Author Talk: Henry Cloud
    (AUGUST 2014) Homecoming Magazine talks with author, Dr. Henry Cloud, to find out more about his book, Never Go Back - to Things You'll Never Do Again.
  • Book Review: 'Soul Keeping'
    Book Review: 'Soul Keeping'
    (AUGUST 2014) Soul Keeping: Caring for the Most Important Part of You by John Ortberg
  • 'The Digital Invasion'
    'The Digital Invasion'
    (AUGUST 2014) Gloria's Book Club pick of the month: The Digital Invasion: How Technology is Shaping You and Your Relationships by Dr. Archibald Hart and Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd.


Bill Gaither and Gloria Gaither in the current Homecoming Magazine