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Philip Yancey: A New Grace Awakening


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  • A NEW Grace Awakening
    A NEW Grace Awakening
    (DECEMBER 2014) Philip Yancey explores a Post-Christian culture thirsty for grace in his new book, Vanishing Grace. In a wide-ranging conversation, Gloria Gaither and Yancey delve into pivotal questions raised within this new book.
  • Peak Performance
    Peak Performance
    (DECEMBER 2014) The Gaither Vocal Band moves mountains on the first album featuring its two newest members.
  • Remember All Though Our Lives
    Remember All Though Our Lives
    (DECEMBER 2014) Guy Penrod's CHRISTMAS
  • Live Out Loud
    Live Out Loud
    (DECEMBER 2014) Homecoming Friends share how their own faith is enlivened through helping others.


  • 'Vanishing Grace'
    'Vanishing Grace'
    (DECEMBER 2014) Gloria's Book Club pick of the month: Vanishing Grace: What Ever Happened To The Good News? by Phillip Yancy.
  • 'Angels Walking'
    'Angels Walking'
    (DECEMBER 2014) This month's Editor's Pick is ANGELS WALKING by Karen Kingsbury.
  • Author Talk: Al Andrews
    Author Talk: Al Andrews
    (DECEMBER 2014) Homecoming Magazine talks with author, Al Andrews, to find out more about his latest book, A WALK ONE WINTER NIGHT, and more...
  • What Are YOU Reading?
    What Are YOU Reading?
    (DECEMBER 2014) TORI TAFF reviews BECCA STEVENS’ new book, The Way of Tea and Justice


Bill Gaither and Gloria Gaither in the current Homecoming Magazine