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Solveig: No Place Like Home

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  • Leonard Sweet — Living A Well-Played Song
    Leonard Sweet — Living A Well-Played Song
    (APRIL 2014) Leonard Sweet is one of those multifaceted, influential, gifted people who seems to have gone through the line several times when talents were doled out. Gloria Gaither had the privilege of getting to talk with him.
  • Does God Sing?
    Does God Sing?
    (APRIL 2014) Gloria Gaither talks one on one with composer and author Aaron Robinson.
  • God Sings!
    God Sings!
    (APRIL 2014) Homecoming Friends, who usually sing for others, share how the Singer above all uses His music in their lives.
  • Solveig: No Place Like Home
    Solveig: No Place Like Home
    (APRIL 2014) Norway's sweetheart, Solveig Leithaug, finds peace through music, love, and family.


  • The Sparkle Egg
    The Sparkle Egg
    (APRIL 2014) The new book "The Sparkle Egg" helps kids understanding the true meaning of Easter.
  • 'Does God Sing?'
    'Does God Sing?'
    (APRIL 2014) Gloria's Book Club pick of the month: DOES GOD SING?: A MUSICAL JOURNEY by Aaron Robinson.
  • 'Miss Brenda and the Loveladies'
    'Miss Brenda and the Loveladies'
    (APRIL 2014) This month's Editor's Pick is MISS BRENDA AND THE LOVELADIES by Brenda Spahn and Irene Zutell.
  • What Are YOU Reading?
    What Are YOU Reading?
    (APRIL 2014) Homecoming Friends share a little about what books they are reading these days!


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