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  • Gloria's Library
    Gloria's Library
    (JUNE 2016) Gloria tackles several books in this magazine's review about church worship.
  • Author Talk: Alison Hodgson
    Author Talk: Alison Hodgson
    (JUNE 2016) Homecoming Magazine talks with author, Alison Hodgson, to find out more about her latest book, 'THE PUG LIST', and more...
  • Introducing 'The Mother Letters'
    Introducing 'The Mother Letters'
    A husband's mission to encourage his wife through the challenges of motherhood is now being released as a book, "The Mother Letters," which makes a great gift for any mother. (APRIL 2016)
  • Annie Downs' New Book, 'Looking For Lovely'
    Annie Downs' New Book, 'Looking For Lovely'
    'Looking For Lovely' is the newest book from popular author/blogger Annie Downs speaks to overcoming insecurity and finding God's grace. (APRIL 2016)


Bill Gaither and Gloria Gaither in the current Homecoming Magazine