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  • Author Talk:  Lee Strobel
    Author Talk: Lee Strobel
    (APRIL 2015) Homecoming Magazine talks with author, Lee Strobel, to find out more about his latest book, THE CASE FOR GRACE, and more...
  • 'The Color of Grace' by Bethany Haley
    'The Color of Grace' by Bethany Haley
    (APRIL 2015) In her riveting memoir, The Color of Grace, Haley tells how her journey led her into a treacherous war zone, where she now provides care for former child soldiers and young girls used as sex slaves in Uganda and the Congo.
  • Grace-Full Reads
    Grace-Full Reads
    (APRIL 2015) Whatever the reason, there is just now a collection of books from a wide range of authors addressing a common topic: Grace and our need for it from others, others' need for it from us, and our need to give a little to ourselves.
  • Andy Andrews' "Henry Hodges Needs a Friend"
    Andy Andrews' "Henry Hodges Needs a Friend"
    (MARCH 2015) Gaither Homecoming speaker Andy Andrews introduces his new children's book, "Henry Hodges Needs a Friend."


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