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A Gift from Solveig
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Solveig Leithaug offers this free download as her Christmas gift to you! This is her beautiful song "Wondrous, Invisible Pilgrimage," from her album Julefred. Enjoy the music, and may you and your loved ones be blessed this Christmas. For more information about this talented lady and her music, please visit

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Wondrous, Invisible Pilgrimage

(Nå vandrer fra hver en verdenskrok)

From every corner of the world
The Spirit leads, the Spirit leads
A wondrous, invisible pilgrimage
To Bethlehem, to Bethlehem

The children go first, and merrily,
Now women and men, now women and men,
Then trembling elderly with their canes,
To find the crib, to find the crib!

For everyone shares a longing heart
For Christmas peace, for Christmas peace   
The miracle of redeeming love
This Child they seek, this Child they seek.

They follow the star like wise men did
To worship Him, to worship Him
A wondrous, invisible pilgrimage
A wondrous invisible pilgrimage

To Bethlehem, to Bethlehem

Lyrics: Jonas Dahl 1895, 1904
Melody: Alf Fasmer Dahl, 1905
English lyrics: Solveig Leithaug and Steve Hindalong, 2008
Apple Cake Music ASCAP/ Admin by Small Stone Media
Flying Frog Music ASCAP/ Admin by Simpleville Music