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A Mother’s Nightmare
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I was on the Gaither Caribbean cruise recently and shared with Wes Hampton how he has helped me tremendously through his music.

In May 2013, my son was arrested in a case of mistaken identity for a bank robbery. That night, I could not get up off of my living room floor to go to bed. Wes kept singing “I’ll Pray for You” over and over in my head. That song gave me what I needed to get up and start fighting. My son was facing 35 years in prison for a crime that he did not commit — a mother’s nightmare. The arrest was made based on a false identification by the teller, and the police never saw my son nor spoke with him prior to the arrest.

I knew my son was innocent because he was home at the time of the robbery, but it was the teller’s word against ours and we had to prove his innocence. Weeks later, the investigating officer agreed to meet with us. As soon as they met, the officer knew they had the wrong guy. My son’s build was taller and more muscular than the man they had on surveillance footage. That, along with the evidence that we put together, allowed the officer to drop the charges against him that day.

I thought the wrongful arrest might finally break me, as it came on the heels of other issues that took a toll on our family. Had it not been for the Gaither Vocal Band, but especially Wes, I know that I would have probably slipped into a deep depression. Thank you, Wes!

Boonsboro, Maryland