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A Simple Life
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I am living in the mountains of West Virginia, caring for my 83-year-old father who has dementia. I love caring for my father. God has been so good and faithful. I also love writing songs and had a Christian family in Kansas record three of these songs. One of the ladies in the band put music to my lyrics. I look forward to one day attending one of your songwriter retreats!

My day is blessed by simple things,
A baby’s sigh, an angel’s wing,
A sky filled with the brightest blue,
With friendships that ring ever true.
The simple things in life are best,
The people that are fully blessed
Are those of us who breathe a sigh
And find the faith to really fly.

Simple living at its best,
A hand to hold, a time to rest.
For as we cherish friends so dear,
We find our happiness so near.
I’d like to share my simple day,
Come sit with me upon the hay.
We’ll reminisce on days of old
And visit in the sunshine gold.

The simple songs, the simple rhymes,
Would make the happiest of times.
A simple meal, a simple tune,
The man a-smiling in the moon.
The simple times to just kick back
And find the time to just be lax.
A simple piece of apple pie,
And chicken in the pan to fry.

A simple sunset breathes in peace
As burdens from our life increase.
A simple time to turn to God,
Remembering where His feet trod.
Just feeling low down at His feet,
A simple, loving Father’s treat
To give His children sweet release
As days unwind with inner peace.
A simple love, yet blessed by all,
The grandest sights, the gentle call.
A mountain grand, a river wild,
A simple love, Father and child.

Dunmore, West Virginia