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A Spring Wedding for TaRanda Greene and Landon Beene
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On March 1, popular Homecoming vocalist and Cana's Voice member TaRanda Greene married IMC Concerts President Landon Beene (yes, that does make her TaRanda Greene Beene) in the mountains above Santa Barbara, California, at a private villa in the middle of a beautiful vineyard. It was an intimate ceremony with only 50 relatives and friends, including Doug and Michelle Anderson, Mark Lowry, Geron and Beckie Davis, Jody McBrayer and others.

Landon shares a few special moments from the wedding: "Toward the end of the ceremony, Wesley Pritchard, who officiated the ceremony, had arranged for seven people in the crowd to stand up and read a blessing over our family. This was very special and emotional to us. TaRanda and I also wrote our own vows, which was very special. Then each of us in our blended family (TaRanda and I each have two children) had a candle, and we lit one big candle to symbolize our love not separate, but growing larger together as one."

He continues, “I knew it would be a special day ... Anyone that knows TaRanda and myself, and our story, would know it would be very emotional. My goal was to give TaRanda the wedding of her dreams, and I believe I did. It was so humbling to see our small group of friends on that mountain helping us celebrate our day together who all had to travel more than 2000 miles to attend. Nothing could’ve made it anymore perfect! TaRanda was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen.”

TaRanda reflects, “The wedding was magical in every way. But, I've waited what feels like all of my life for days like these. I'm blessed beyond anything I've ever deserved with the love of God, the love of this man, the love of our four children, and a handful of faithful friends that make life amazing! Vince Gill's song sums it up for me. These days, I'll take these days over any other days I've ever known / Cause your sweet ways make these days feel like home. So thankful for Landon and these days.”