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A 'Thank You' to Bill & Gloria
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I have often wanted to thank Bill and Gloria Gaither and all of the GVB for their gift of hymn writing and music. Many times I enjoyed hymns at church and on the radio without knowing it was a Gaither hymn. Then in 2000, after my mother died of cancer, I discovered the Gaithers on television and found that so many of the hymns that had helped me through the hard times were yours.

I had to deal with my grandmother having Alzheimer’s and not knowing who we were or where she was. I dreaded getting up every morning and wondering what I would find her like that day. I would play over and over on the piano the chorus of “Because He Lives,” and I would think surely I can do this “Because He Lives.” Later my mother died of cancer in 2000, and then my father died in 2008 of cancer. As I was having to see him in the hospital as he died and then pack and leave Arkansas to move to Virginia to be with my sisters, I made it a point to not miss you on television because your hymns helped me so much to get through the grief and wonder what my new life would be like. The hymns reminded me that God loves me, no matter what, and that He is with me all the time, no matter what. That “Loving God, Loving Each Other” is what matters most. But the song “Satisfied” tells me that when I see my mother, father and grandmother again in heaven, they won’t be as I last saw them, and I won’t be handicapped any more. (I am legally blind, deaf in one ear and am an epileptic.) However in heaven “I looked at my hands, my hands looked new. I looked at feet and they did too, and ever since that wonderful day my soul’s been satisfied!” I won’t be handicapped anymore and they won’t be sick anymore. When you sing that song, it is all I can do to sit still. I want to get up and dance for joy, and I don’t even know how to dance.

Thank God for the gift He has given you for the music and words — and that you know how to say the right things that touch our lives.

Schuyler, Virginia