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A Thank You to Homecoming Magazine
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A thousand thank-yous for recognizing Ralph Carmichael as the “father of contemporary Christian music” in Homecoming Magazine. (Click here to view the article.) Kudos to Emily Sutherland for reporting his godly influence so succinctly. Never ever did I think that I would share this, BUT, a little over a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré, a devastating neurological condition that attacks the spinal cord. After having been tested on all of the possible diagnostic machines at the local hospital and still experiencing disorientation and paralysis for three weeks, I was taken to a hospital with a neurological staff. They diagnosed the condition almost immediately, but it had taken so long that I was now paralyzed from the waist down and was experiencing pain that I believed no living human could experience. Thank the Lord for those in the medical profession and especially those who know what medications to prescribe. My fantastic wife brought to me Ralph Carmichael’s Big Band Gospel Classics album. That prescription helped me to focus on the words of the hymns and to enjoy the style in which they were arranged in spite of the excruciating pain that I was experiencing. As a young church choir director and high school vocal music teacher, I had met Mr. Carmichael at a Word music workshop in Chicago over 30 years ago. I’ve always been aware of his work, but I never would have foreseen the power of his ministry until I was physically helpless. Thank you so much for recognizing such a great minister of music.

(Editor’s note: Mr. Kenworthy emailed later to say this: “The JOY of all of this is that a year and a half after returning home, my physical problems have been healed. Hallelujah!”)

Gas City, Indiana