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Amber Nelon Thompson Releases "Just Sing"
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In addition to making beautiful music with her family, the Nelons, Amber Nelon Thompson has grown into an incredibly talented soloist. Her newest solo album, Just Sing, showcases her versatile soprano on a diverse blend of songs, most of which have a country-pop bent. With a Martina McBride-like quality, Thompson succeeds not only in merely hitting those wonderful high notes, but delivers her lyrics with passion and emotion.

Her new single is an updated version of the 1991 Dove Award-winning duet by Sandi Patty/Wayne Watson, "Another Time, Another Place." Thompson sings with fellow Homecoming artist Michael English, also no slouch in the vocal department. Building from verses to the dramatic choruses, these two dynamic vocalists definitely do this classic song justice!

Listeners will enjoy the variety of songs on the project, from the easygoing, summery country-pop confection "Sing-a-Long" (backed by ukelele), to the introspective "What Do You Say?," to the soaring "Give It to Jesus."

Enjoy this preview of Just Sing, shared from on YouTube: