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An Uplifting Cruise With The Gaithers
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(Pictured right: Charlotte with Gloria and Bill)

In July we boarded the Holland Line Amsterdam for our first-ever cruise! What a most fantastic decision on our part! It was a mountaintop experience from the first concert to the last one. I cried at every concert — for the sheer beauty of the music. It touched my soul very deeply. I felt the power of the Holy Spirit every time I entered the Queen’s Lounge as devotions were so uplifting too. It was unbelievable to interact with these wonderful people that we have watched for so many years on TV. I feel so very fortunate to have had this wonderful experience which we chose to do in celebration of our 50th wedding anniversary. I will carry the memories of this trip forever. May God continue to bless the Gaithers as they continue to minister to the millions of people whose lives they touch.

— Charlotte Anderson,
Adams, Minnesota