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Anderson University Opens New Gaither Exhibit
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On Friday, September 23, Anderson University will unveil a brand-new Gaither exhibit celebrating the musical legacy of Bill and Gloria. Each fall and spring for the next two years, the exhibit will rotate to focus on different aspects of their musical journey. The opening exhibit documents the faith journey of the Gaither music legacy and features memorabilia from their early years as emerging songwriters. Future exhibits include the Gaither Trio (spring 2017); the Vocal Band (fall 2017); Gaither Homecoming (spring 2018); Gaither Children's Songs (fall 2018); and Gaither Life and Legacy (spring 2019).

“We are deeply moved that our alma mater has chosen to honor our work in this way. We owe a great deal of gratitude to this university for the education we received and the foundation upon which we have built as we followed our calling as artists,” Bill stated in response to the announcement.

The exhibit will be located in York Recital Hall on the campus of Anderson University in Anderson, Indiana. The opening ceremony on September 23 at 7 p.m. will offer a brief program featuring remarks from a few individuals who have been a part of Bill and Gloria’s journey throughout the years, followed by the opportunity for visitors to peruse rare memorabilia, for the first time ever, which has previously been stored in the Gaithers’ personal archives.

Click here for more information about the exhibit's opening ceremony.