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Andy Andrews' "Henry Hodges Needs a Friend"
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If you've heard New York Times bestselling author/speaker Andy Andrews speak at a Gaither Homecoming event, you'll know what an entertaining, insightful and hilarious guy he is. And of course, he's well known for his books including The Traveler's Gift, The Noticer and others. Now, Andy introduces a new children's book, Henry Hodges Needs a Friend. This charming and beautifully illustrated story, told in playful rhyme, is both touching and funny.

Here is a brief synopsis:

On a quiet street in a quiet town, a lonely little boy named Henry Hodges finds companionship in the most unlikely of places. After searching high and low for a new best friend, a pup named “Hap” transforms his boring, quiet neighborhood into a world bursting with possibilities!

Andy says, "My personal favorite part of the book? An off-the-wall brainstorming session by young Henry in an attempt to find the perfect pet. The illustrator, Colleen Madden, did a fantastic job making the pictures hilarious. Let’s just say, a goat with ten legs and a goldfish with antlers both make an appearance…on the same page!"

The book offers encouragement for any child who feels lonely or left out. And right now, if you order here, you can opt to have Andy sign and personalize your copy.

  Enjoy this sneak peek of the book from Andy's website, narrated by the author himself!

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