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Andy Andrews presents "The Noticer Returns"
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Bestselling author and Homecoming columnist Andy Andrews has done it again! He has just released the eagerly anticipated The Noticer Returns, which offers simple answers to problems we each encounter on a daily basis. His first book in the series, The Noticer, blended truth and fiction to communicate that a grateful perspective contributes to our happiness and abundance, despite life's obstacles.

Andrews knows a thing or two about obstacles; at age 19, he lost both parents: his mother died of cancer, and his father was killed in an automobile accident soon after. Andy humbly admits, "I took a bad situation and made it much worse," referring to some financial decisions he made following the tragedies. He lived homeless for a while on Alabama's Gulf Coast and found himself pondering whether life was just a lottery ticket or whether he could make choices that would somehow improve his situation.

During that time, Andy met an old man who invested time in him, offering words of advice and bringing inspiring books for the despairing young man to read. Andy took initiative, visited the public library, and read more than 200 biographies of notable men and women, which became the catalyst for his dreams to become a speaker and author.

The Noticer borrows from Andy's experience and features a wise old character simply named "Jones," who mysteriously pops into the lives of those in crisis to impart sage advice about moving past life's biggest challenges. The Noticer Returns hears from Jones again, as he offers words of wisdom not only for individuals, but also for changing group mindsets, whether in the culture of a company, a city or a family. We all make decisions, but do we examine why we make the decisions we do? Sometimes we can be blind to our own thought patterns and how they can help or harm us.

The Noticer Returns
explores these topics and much more, offering essential life lessons wrapped in the engaging package of a mini-novel. Once you've read it, you'll likely order more copies to give away. It's that good!