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Angelic Choir
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I’ve been listening to your songs since before I married and now I’m a 60-plus year mother of five and grandmother of nine, so I feel I’ve known you most of my life. I wanted to tell you something that happened in our family before I pass on, or you do, and then I’ll have to stand in a really long line in heaven to get to you, along with all the others who were touched by your music.

Ten years ago, my youngest son, Nicholas, was diagnosed with a lymphoma that was so aggressive, they told us he had a five percent chance of living three months. He was a sophomore at Oklahoma Baptist at the time and wanted to be a missionary. So he started treatments — you know without me going into detail all that entailed: radiation and chemo, even in his spine. Now, moms can’t sleep when their kids are hurt or in trouble. After some months, my doctor had me try Prozac. It helped me sleep, but I felt out of it, so I quit and just stuck to praying, as much as I was able. Words sure seemed empty and meaningless to me, but I knew God understood.

One morning, about 10 months into his treatments, I was awakened by the radio, so I hit the snooze button, but nothing happened — I still heard singing. As I got more fully awake, the music faded. I kept trying to place the song — I knew I knew it but couldn’t get it back. This happened for about a week, singing waking me. I knew I loved this song, I just couldn’t bring it to mind. Then one morning it was so loud, so exuberant, that I heard the voices and the words. It was a choir singing, “Hold on my child/Joy comes in the morning. Weeping only lasts for the night.” For three more days, this choir woke me, and I could tell more voices were added each day. The third (and last) day was so awesome, I thought the neighbors could hear. Such a wonderful feeling of peace came to me — I just knew Nicholas was going to be OK. An angelic choir told me!

That week, he went into remission. They did a stem-cell transplant months later and it was a success. He fi nished college, went to seminary and was a missionary for a time. Now, there have been even more miracles — he’s happily married and has boy/ girl twins. I just wanted you to know the angels are singing your songs. It’s blessed me so much, and I hope it’s a blessing to you. I still hear the echo of the singing in my head, and it’s just too beautiful to describe. Thank you so for your wonderful ministry.

Olathe, Kansas