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'Angels Walking' by Karen Kingsbury
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Angels Walking
by Karen Kingsbury

After seeing the darker supernatural characters frequently featured in books, TV and film—vampires, zombies, werewolves, and so forth—Karen Kingsbury felt an urge to write about the lighter side. Taking cues from biblical passages such as Hebrews 13:2, she says she chose to explore the activity of angels in her new series, “not only because it’s uplifting, but because it’s true.” In Angels Walking, the first novel in the same-titled series, Karen weaves a captivating plot featuring characters in two dimensions—a small group of struggling people, and the team of angels on a mission to help them.

Washed-up baseball player Tyler Ames is on a downward spiral, and he can’t stop thinking about everyone he left behind in his quest for sports stardom—including his one true love, Sami Dawson. A series of small miracles leads to an unlikely friendship between Tyler and Virginia, a woman suffering from Alzheimer’s, who may end up having some of the answers he is desperately seeking.

Karen hopes that through reading the series, “people will see these angels at work in the lives of the characters and understand what God is doing in their lives, as well.”