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Ann Meets Guy Penrod
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I live in Sweden. In March 2009 a friend told me about Gaither Vocal Band. I searched on YouTube and the first song I found was “I’m Gonna Sing” and I loved it from the first second. Soon I heard that GVB would come to Sweden near where I live. I was so happy! My special favorite was Guy Penrod and I was looking forward to seeing and hearing him live, but very soon I found out he was not a part of the group anymore. I was really sad. I read that he would have his first solo concert in August 2009 in Branson, so I went there with a friend. It was really awesome — I think we were the most distant among the audience! I had the opportunity to meet with Guy for a few minutes after the concert; he is really a nice man of God!

Since then I have had the opportunity to meet Guy in Sweden too, in 2010 and 2011. And we have been blessed here in Sweden with many concerts with GVB and other Homecoming Friends. It’s always a blessing. I have been to Family Fest in Gatlinburg 2010 and 2011 and I will come back! This is my picture with Guy at the Branson concert.

Thank you for Homecoming Magazine; it’s always a gladness when I find it in the mailbox!

Ann Klint