[John and Beverly are joined by Bill, Kevin and Michael as they present Bill with this generous gift]

I’ve been a Gaither Homecoming fan since 2007, and in 2011, I asked my friend James Phillippi, who is a great artist, to do a portrait of Guy Penrod, Bill Gaither, Gloria Gaither and Mark Lowry for me. I had the honor of meeting them and others at 2012’s Family Fest in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Kevin Williams liked the portrait and later encouraged an idea I had: to have a painting done for Mr. Gaither. My girlfriend, Beverly Speicher, and I returned to Family Fest 2013 with a large canvas featuring Bill and Gloria with past and present Homecoming friends and Bill’s brother Danny at the top, watching out for everyone. We also brought other paintings of Homecoming artists, which I have displayed in my home. What an honor it has been to meet such kind and down-to-earth people as the Gaither organization!

[John, Bev and Kevin show another beautiful painting]

[Bev with Guy and two of his sons showing the original portrait]

John Jagnow and Beverly Speicher
Rockwood, Pennsylvania