Tell us about your latest book, The Pug List.

ALISON: The Pug List is the true story about how rescuing a troublesome, not-entirely-housebroken orphan pug helped my family heal after an arsonist randomly set our house — and our lives — on fire. The very first day my husband told my daughter, “God gives beauty for ashes.” And he did, just not when, and in a way, we could have imagined. The Pug List is about finding beauty — and hope — in unexpected places.

Tell us about three books you love.

ALISON: My parents gave me the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder the Christmas I was 7 — my first experience with binge reading. I remember lying on my stomach in a patch of sunlight reading all day long. As I finished each book, I had the glorious thought, “MORE,” and picked up the next one. To this day, I can still feel that wonderful Christmas-y feeling of plenty and delight.

I loved Pride and Prejudice when I first read it in junior high, although I missed most of Austen’s wry observations, which is the very best part. Making the acquaintance of Mr. Darcy at such a young age was dangerous, and nearly cost me my husband, who was my high-school sweetheart. It’s just not fair to compare a 16-year-old boy of the 1980s to a landed 28-year-old gentleman of the 18th century whose dialogue was written by Jane Austen.

After our fire, one of the first authors I thought of was P.G. Wodehouse. His silly but smart and elegant writing always makes me laugh, something I desperately needed. I especially recommend the Jeeves and Wooster series, and anything set at Blandings Castle.

What have you collected in the past or do you currently collect? What inspired or motivated you to begin this collection?

ALISON: I love jadeite and other green tableware, like Depression glass, and Hall and McCoy pottery. I had quite a lot before the fire. I don’t actively collect it, but my mom gives me various pieces for my birthday and at Christmas. I use my china and pottery on a daily basis. The price of freely using it is frequently losing it.The fire taught me to hold possessions more lightly, but I can recognize the sound of jadeite breaking from across the house — a terrible and painful sound.