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Author Talk:  Pat Williams
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Homecoming Magazine talks with author and national motivational speaker, Pat Williams.

HOMECOMING: Tell us about your latest book, It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who You Are.

PAT WILLIAMS: My latest book has an interesting background. I have been in the sports world almost my entire life and I have encountered many fascinating people in sports and beyond throughout my journey. Readers of this book will enjoy insightful and entertaining anecdotes about Shaquille O’Neal, Gayle King, Billy Graham, Bill Gaither and many, many more.

HOMECOMING: What three books have most influenced your life?

PAT WILLIAMS: 1) Pop Warner’s Book for Boys by Glen Warner
I received that book as a Christmas gift when I was 8 or 9 years old and it had a profound effect on me and my interest in a sports career.

2) Veeck as in Wreck by Bill Veeck
The great baseball executive, Bill Veeck, wrote his memoirs in 1962. I was 22 at the time and devoured that book, which later led to a meeting with Veeck that launched a 25-year friendship and mentorship.

3) Love Life for Every Married Couple by Ed Wheat and Gloria Okes Perkins.
This is still the best book on marriage that has ever been published, and it continues to have a deep and lasting impact on my role as a husband.

HOMECOMING: Our upcoming issue is all about personality. What do you consider your own personality’s greatest strength and greatest weakness?

PAT WILLIAMS: I am an extrovert and I believe my greatest strength is the passion and energy that I bring to every activity from running a basketball team to writing books. I’m also a feeler and am empathetic. It works for me most of the time — I wouldn’t trade my family of 19 children (14 adopted) for anything — but sometimes I can bite off almost too much to chew!