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Be Still and Know that I Am God
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Some of the best “be still” time is outdoors, surrounded by God’s creation we call nature. One day while sitting quietly outside, I saw a male redbird come to the bird feeder tray lying on the patio. I heard him crack open a black sunflower seed, then eat it. After he did this a few times, a female flew in to join him. She stood a few inches to the back and right of the male. What happened next just took my breath away. The male cracked open another seed, went to the female, and beak-to-beak, he gave it to her. He fed her several seeds this way. This really touched my heart as an act of love and kindness between “a couple.” It was so beautiful! How I wished I would have had my camera for such a shot. Still, I have this image in my mind.

A short time later, I got the book Cardinal Courage. And there it was, on page 41 — the picture I wished for! Thank you, Ms. Gloria, for a lovely storybook. Thank you, Ms. Christy, for this beautiful illustration. Some may call this a God wink! To God be the glory.

Crowley, Louisiana