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Behind The Smiles
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(Pictured right: Sherryl and Larry Ford)

I think the July/August issue of Homecoming is absolutely one of the best ever. We were so touched by the poignant stories of loss—and how eloquently they were told.

Who would think, to look at her, that Reba Rambo- McGuire just “shut down” with pain after her mom’s tragic death? We kind of knew, but not really, that while they are traveling, singing, smiling and sharing the Good News that, like Larry and me, Jeff and Sheri Easter and Mark Lowry are slowly losing their mothers. How brave of all the writers in the recent issue to share their pain and loss so transparently. I’m sure it will be a great encouragement to a lot of readers to know that we are all, together, walking a walk of faith and learning to trust Him for each new day — in each new experience.

Sue Buchanan is so brave it makes me cry. I understand her theory “we can’t heal unless we feel” — I just don’t know where you get that kind of courage. Well, I do, too. But it takes a lot of faith to walk through that kind of fire.

Thank you to all the singers/writers who shared their stories and encouraged us along the “right road.”

Sherryl Sterbens Ford