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Bill and Gloria Gaither Celebrate 51 Years of Marriage
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Here's the story of the first time Bill and Gloria Gaither met, as published in Homecoming Magazine's very first issue in January 2003:   

It was the first week of a new semester at Alexandria Monroe High School.
   "Hello, there. What's your name?"
   "Gloria Sickal," she answered. "Who are you?"
   "My name is Bill Gaither, and I teach English."
   "Oh, yes," she said. "Bill Gaither. You're the one who has a brother that my friend is dying to meet."
   "That's the story of my life," he smiled. "Everyone wants to meet my brother!"

In that first encounter, neither Gloria, the young substitute French teacher, nor Bill, the head of the English department with the handsome brother, had any idea they would spend a lifetime writing songs, having children and grandchildren and inspiring countless numbers through their music, books and faith. They celebrated their 51st anniversary on December 22, 2013.

Partially adapted from Because He Lives by Gloria Gaither, Zondervan Publishing. ©1997. Used with permission.