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Bill Gaither's Homecoming Radio - Week of June 2, 2014
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Bill Gaither's Homecoming Radio brings listeners the music they've come to love from the Gaither Homecoming tours. And, hosts Bill Gaither, Kevin Williams, Mark Lowry, Phil Brower and Tori Taff provide plenty of entertainment themselves along the way! Plus, you'll hear special guests like Gerald Wolfe, Gordon Mote, Buddy Greene and many others--you never know who will show up!

You can catch encore shows of Bill Gaither’s Homecoming Radio every afternoon at 6 p.m. CT on Solid Gospel!  Listen online by clicking here!

Here's the Homecoming Radio lineup for the week beginning Monday, June 2:

Monday - Bill Gaither performs the classic “Rumor Mill.” Also on the show, the Booth Brothers and the Talleys

Tuesday - The Hoppers, Three Bridges and the Collingsworth Family

Wednesday - Mark Lowry, Janet Paschal and the Perrys

Thursday - Karen Peck and the Martins, plus Andraé Crouch and the Homecoming Friends perform “Soon and Very Soon” from the Kennedy Center Homecoming.

Friday - Mark Trammell Quartet, Legacy Five and Brian Free & Assurance