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Book Spotlight: "Souls in Full Sail"
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The journey of our later years is a wondrous voyage—though turbulent at points. But it is, as writer Emilie Griffin reminds us, the journey we have been preparing for all along. Griffin helps readers put it all in context with Souls in Full Sail: A Christian Spirituality for the Later Years (InterVarsity Press), winner of a 2011 Christianity Today Book Award.

“We do not set out to become old,” Griffin writes. “We hardly intend even to become middle-aged. Instead we plan to live in some eternal now which will lead on to something better, something more complete than what we had before. Sometime in our spiritual travels, as a complete surprise, we notice it has become winter. This change has occurred, it seems, without preparation, without fair warning.”

In the book, Griffin explores relocation, vocational changes, losing her mother, and negotiating and renegotiating her relationships with her grown children. Souls in Full Sail is a book filled with wonderful, rich story, carefully crafted spiritual exercises and wisdom from those who have gone before us.