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Book Review: "Walking Into Walls"
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LANGDON REID is one-half of the country music duo WILSON FAIRCHILD (with Wil Reid), an accomplished songwriter and son of Statler Brother, Don Reid. Reid looks at STEPHEN ARTERBURN’S latest.

We all run into some speed bumps in our lives and usually, a good dose of common sense will push us up and over them. But it’s when we run head rst into a sizable wall of struggle and challenge that we need to dig a little deeper and rely on a practiced faith and communication with God to help us break through these.

Walking Into Walls by Stephen Arterburn is the perfect handbook for these times.

Arterburn consistently explains that we all need to pull back, refocus and see the truth and reality of whatever situation is building or has built a wall in our lives. A lot of times we feel that we’re ready to do anything to make it better, except try something different. This book offers that encouragement to try that “something different” we’re reluctant to put in action. It’s a cheerleader. A hand holder. A supportive friend.

Open-mindedness, willingness, acceptance, and forgiveness are just a few of the “tools” that are talked about that are essential in busting up a wall in front of you. Arterburn’s casual way of writing makes you feel like he’s sitting at the kitchen table with you. And I really like how he uses both modern-day and biblical stories and situations to show that everyone, from all times and places, has had walls and broken through.

Getting past these walls is a work in progress. After finishing this book, you’ll definitely have a better understanding and approach in how to hurdle these walls, but you’ll also want to keep it in the nightstand’s top drawer for some quick reference. It’s like a pair of glasses; we see things now we didn’t know were there and can now do something about them!