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Book Spotlight: "By Faith, Not By Sight"
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By Faith, Not By Sight by Scott MacIntyre
(Thomas Nelson)

“American Idol” finalist Scott MacIntyre shares his amazing story in By Faith, Not By Sight. An academic and musical prodigy who has performed in arenas across the world, Scott began composing music at the age of 5 and was featured on CNN when he was hired to play piano for a wedding at the age of 7!

But the truly amazing part of his journey is that he has pursued his dreams while battling such obstacles as severe visual impairment, renal failure and kidney transplant surgery. With a contagious optimistic spirit, MacIntyre pressed forward to make his dreams a reality, touring with the “American Idol” cast, dancing on stage, recording an album (Heartstrings) and finding love for the first time. Through his unwavering faith in God and the drive to never give up, he shows us that our circumstances do not dictate what we are able to achieve.