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Book Spotlight: "The Color Of Rain"
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Nearly six years ago, one family lost a husband and father. Six weeks later, another family lost a wife and mother. The Color of Rain: How Two Families Found Faith, Hope & Love in the Midst of Tragedy (Zondervan) tells the remarkable true story of how those two families — one grieving the death of Matt Kell, the other grieving the loss of Cathy Spehn — found each other and became one family.

Authors Michael and Gina Spehn share the impact of losing a spouse, and the grief and loss only another widow can understand. They tell how the tragic deaths affected their five kids and how it molded them together, creating a blended family where their kids simultaneously celebrate the memory of their lost parents and embrace Michael and Gina as their mom and dad. The legacies of Matt and Cathy live on, forever intertwined in the blended Spehn-Kell family.

“We realized the impact of our story on many people around us,” Gina says. “We felt compelled to write beyond the details to share the gifts of God’s grace in our losses and the incredible legacy of generosity and faith given us by our spouses.”

In memory of Matt and Cathy, Michael and Gina started a foundation to help other families dealing with terminal cancer. The New Day Foundation for Families is dedicated to bringing hope and understanding to children who lose a parent to cancer.