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Book Spotlight: The Whole Bible Story
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The Bible has long been revered for its moral codes, its wisdom and its record of history. In children’s Sunday school, short stories that can teach a lesson are plucked from its pages. Unfortunately, adults often forget the Bible’s narrative quality.

“Simply reading the Bible from cover to cover is a daunting task,” says Dr. William H. Marty, a Bible professor at Moody Bible Institute. “And it can be difficult to follow the storyline because the books are not recorded in chronological order.”

His solution is his new book, The Whole Bible Story: Everything That Happens in the Bible in Plain English (Bethany House). Dr. Marty retells the entire Bible story in one easy-to-read, chronological account. All the stories you remember from childhood—Noah, David, Esther, Daniel and, of course, Jesus—are part of one grand narrative. “It is not a paraphrase of the Bible’s 66 books, and it is not intended to replace Bible reading,” he says. “My hope is that it will motivate people to read the Bible.”