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Book Spotlight: 'Unfinished'
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Unfinished: Believing is Only the Beginning
by Richard Stearns
(Thomas Nelson)

Author Richard Stearns writes that when Haiti was a prime resort destination, vacationers were picked up by shuttle buses with blacked-out windows, so that the happy tourists would not be disturbed by seeing the awful poverty on the way to the beach resorts. Stearns adds, “Most of us have blacked out our windows, too.” His new book, Unfinished: Believing is Only the Beginning (Thomas Nelson), is a bit disturbing — intentionally. It disturbs our complacency and urges us not to abandon the mission entrusted to us by Christ — to spread the Gospel and demonstrate His love to a hurting world.

Stearns enjoyed a cushy job as CEO of luxury china company Lenox Inc., when his life was interrupted by God — he was asked to leave his career and take the helm at World Vision. He was not at all excited by the prospect, as this new direction required moving his wife and five children across the country, taking a huge pay cut and battling human suffering in countries about which he knew virtually nothing. After a lot of prayer and even more kicking and screaming, Stearns realized that this was the path God had for him. After saying yes, he “experienced the privilege of serving on the front lines of the kingdom … and the joy of feeling for the first time in my life that I was doing what I was created to do.” In Unfinished, Stearns encourages readers to discover their own unique roles in God’s Kingdom, asserting, “I believe there is a direct connection between the unfinished work of God’s kingdom and our sense of feeling incomplete in our faith.” Offering inspirational stories and practical suggestions, he urges the reader to accept the invitation to a life full of greater meaning and joy.

Richard Stearns is donating 100 percent of his royalties from this book to fund the lifesaving work of World Vision.