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Buddy Greene Celebrates God's Creation with New CD, "Someday"
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Gaither Homecoming artist Buddy Greene has been performing songs since he was just a little tyke of 4 or 5, when his dad realized that the little guy could carry a tune.

Fast-forward to this year, which finds Buddy celebrating his 30th year as a recording artist. In addition to singing for Gaither Homecoming tours and videos for the last few decades, Buddy enjoys appearing at venues all over the country and even many places overseas, making great music and sharing about the Lord he loves.

His brand-new CD, Someday, features a collection of songs that celebrate God's creation. He says, "This recording is dedicated to to all the churches, camps, retreat centers, families, friends and various groups who have invited me in over these last 30 years to offer a few songs and lead the singing. It’s been a privilege."

Buddy has a wonderfully genuine quality in his voice that you can really only get by experience, by living life. There are many who can belt out a tune, but rare is the artist whose every note seems to communicate, "I've been there. I've seen ups and downs, but through it all, God has been faithful." Buddy is such an artist, and his music goes through the ears and straight to the heart.

On Someday, he sings and plays harmonica, and he is joined by other top-notch players making a joyful noise on banjo, guitar, fiddle, mandolin, chin cello, drums, percussion, organ, bass, piano, accordion, penny whistles and dolceola! Definitely worth a listen.

Visit to hear song samples from Someday and for ordering information.


1. Vagabonds

2. Children Of The Living God

3. This Is My Father's World

4. Hallelujahs

5. Creation Sings

6. Before You I Kneel

7. Lord Of The Fields

8. For The Beauty Of The Earth

9. Beams Of Heaven

10. God Is A Giver

11. Thy True Love

12. Be Ye Glad