Gaither Homecoming artist Buddy Greene has just released a video about his new project, Someday. He writes, Over the years, I've learned and performed lots of songs that are very special to me. They are songs, often written by others, that serve me well when I'm the song leader at various gatherings of the faithful -- church services, retreats, conferences, and the like.

As I saw the 30th anniversary of my recording career approaching, I thought, "Hey, why not record an album of these songs that I never get tired of playing and singing?" I called up a few talented and like-minded friends and began work on my latest CD, Someday.
I'm extremely pleased with the results, and with the help of the good folks at Idintify Media, have produced the video below to give you a taste of this special recording.

Hope you enjoy!


Check out this video for a little behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Someday: