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We Want to Hear from You!
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We want to hear from you! In the CIRCLE section of Homecoming Magazine, we love to publish letters, photos and creative works from our readers. You can email them to: or mail them to:
Homecoming Magazine
402 BNA Dr., Ste. 400
Nashville, TN 37217

Here are just a few ideas for things to submit:

• Meet any Homecoming artists recently? Send a photo and tell us a little bit about the occasion.

• Enjoy cooking? Try one of the recipes from the magazine, on our website (here!) or from a Gaither cookbook. Send us a photo of you with the completed dish and tell us how it was!

• Have a great joke or funny true story to share? Send it on!

• Do you use your talents creatively to serve others? Let us know about it, and send a photo!

• Enjoy something you've read recently in Homecoming Magazine? (We hope so!) Tell us what it meant to you.

• Have an interesting experience at a Gaither event? Tell us about it!

• Write poetry or song lyrics? Send them in, and tell us a little about the inspiration behind them.

• Has a song you've heard by a Homecoming artist ministered to you during a tough time? Tell us about it!

Here are a few more guidelines:

Please be sure to include your first and last name, plus your city and state (or city and country, if outside the U.S.) with any submissions.

If you have a relevant anecdote or story to share, but you do not have a photo to submit, that's okay ... send it on!

If you send us any photos in the mail, we are sorry, but we are unable to return them, so please save a copy for yourself to keep.

Very long letters, stories or poems are less likely to be published, simply because our space is limited, and we like to include several contributions in every issue.

By submitting material to us, you are giving us permission to use it in our printed magazine, as well as on the website and digital versions of the magazine. If you send us something that you do NOT want published, please make that very clear. Please understand that we cannot publish every submission that is sent in, but we really do appreciate hearing from you. Thanks!