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"Christmas Stories" & "One Incredible Savior"
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Over the years, beloved author Max Lucado has penned several popular Christmas stories. For the first time, many of these stories have been gathered together into the hardcover gift book Christmas Stories: Heartwarming Tales of Angels, a Manger, and the Birth of Hope. This collection features three novellas, many of his holiday short stories, devotional writings and brief retellings of the Christmas story in Max’s own words.

“In the mystery of Christmas,” Max writes, “we find its majesty. The mystery of how God became flesh, why He chose to come, and how much He must love His people. Such mysteries can never be solved, just as love can never be diagrammed. Christmas is best pondered, not with logic, but imagination.”

Anchoring Christmas Stories are the three novellas: The Coming, The Christmas Candle, and The Christmas Child. In “The Coming,” told through the voice of the angel Gabriel, Max imagines the spiritual battle that surrounded the birth of Christ. In “The Christmas Candle,” a mysterious angel suddenly appears in a lowly candlemaker’s shop– and the holy and the human collide in a way that only God could imagine. In “The Christmas Child,” a Chicago journalist finds himself in a small Texas town on Christmas Eve, where he encounters old faces and new facts… and a scarlet cross shows him the way home.

A second Christmas book from Lucado is One Incredible Savior: Celebrating the Majesty of the Manger, a brand-new edition of his classic One Incredible Moment.