[The Hoppers enjoy “A Night of Honor”]

The Hoppers were honored in their hometown of Madison, N.C., when the city designated October 5 as “Hopper Day” in recognition of this beloved family’s ministry over five-plus decades. Officials gathered to erect a permanent bronze plaque in the downtown square which recognizes the Hoppers “for their spirit of selfless dedication through the telling of God’s love since 1957.”

Then on October 11, an all-star lineup including Ivan Parker, Karen Peck & New River, the Talleys and the Whisnants gathered for “A Night of Honor,” presented by Abraham Productions. The evening was full of music, laughter and a tear or two, as friends and colleagues paid tribute to Claude and Connie Hopper for their enduring faithfulness to God’s calling. Karen Peck revealed that it was at a Hoppers concert that she rededicated her life to God during her teen years. Kirk Talley regaled the audience with funny memories like the time Connie forgot to anchor down her Vestal-style beehive.

Touched by the outpouring, Claude Hopper said, “Born to sharecroppers in rural North Carolina, I never thought I would see the day that God would grant us such an honor.” Connie added, “When you are able to do what you love, the gratification is in the doing.” Abraham Productions President Ray Flynn noted that over the decades, the Hoppers have “continued to bring the gospel message in a clear and professional manner. They are a classic group that is better than ever!”

[“Hopper Day” in Madison, North Carolina]