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Comfort and Joy
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This letter comes from our hearts, in appreciation for all you do for so many people. We were blessed to have a once-in-a-lifetime dream come true. In August 2010, we were on a cruise in Hawaii with the Gaither Homecoming Friends. Everything was so great, with concerts in the morning and evening. We had devotions in the A.M. with special guests as well as the Gaithers.

We went on an excursion at Kona Island, and the Gaithers were on board. My husband, being the sweetheart that he is, asked Bill if he would mind getting a picture with me. Bill was very gracious and said “Sure.”

We visited the bookstore where we bought way too many DVDs and CDs, but who could resist those special deals? At the time we wondered when we would fi nd time to watch them. But, God knew what the future held.

In March 2011, I found my hip bone had died. In May, a right hip replacement was performed, but unsuccessfully, resulting in three dislocations in August. I had four surgeries between May and August, without health insurance. I had to see a joint hip implant specialist in September, but he would not do the surgery without insurance. So I had to wait until November when my insurance would come through. In the interim, I would be homebound to prevent any further dislocations.

The blessing in all this was the many Gaither DVDs we had purchased on the cruise. Despite my health issues, I experienced tremendous comfort and joy during these months. I laughed, cried and certainly felt the emotions of the Homecoming Friends as they prayed for each other and spoke of their own hardships. The love and concern was so apparent in this “family of friends.” Mark, you folks definitely know how to “Make It Real” for those who listen as the message is given in song.

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