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"Crabby" Contest Winners!
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We fished for some funny captions in this Crabby Contest, and you unshellfishly put your heart and sole into the entries. We baited you with Jason’s CD, and we shore did love herring your captions! It was a little roughy picking the winners; for those who didn’t win, we hope you don’t feel oysteracized — we would never mussel you out on porpoise! You may have to shell out some clams for his CD this time, but maybe you’ll reel in a prize next time...keep urchin up. Tuna in for more contests later!

Drum roll please….here they are! The three winning captions from our Crabby Caption contest! (They have not been "ranked" from one to three and are thus in no particular order.)

    “ I the only one that received the email to come dressed like this?!”
     - Marie P. of Diana, TX

    "An Ode to Old King Crabb":
    I'm Old King Crabb. I'm a merry old soul. Oh, what a merry old soul am I.

    I'm King of the Sea. It's all about me. I say so shellfishly.

    - Gloria M. of Spring Lake Park, MN

    “If you think I dress funny, wait till you see the rest of the family.”
    - Monty R. of Greensboro, NC

We had some other great entries as well, and here are a few of them for your enjoyment:

    “Yep, this is a life-size crab. Hey, I’m just glad my last name isn’t something like elephant.”

    "Jason auditions for!"

    "And they say blondes have more fun?? I think not!!"

    “It’s not tough getting this ‘Crabb’ out of his shell!”

    “Introducing the newest ‘Crabbage Patch Doll’ - Jason Crabb!”

    "Look Mamma, your old Easter bonnet, with all the claws upon it!!"

    “King Crab”

    “Spider solitaire fan gone wrong”

Thanks to everyone who submitted a caption!