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Cultivating Souls: Angus Buchan
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Angus Buchan gained international attention in the wake of the book and film, Faith Like Potatoes, which dramatically portrayed his conversion from a hard-drinking South African farmer to a global evangelist. Buchan's second book, A Farmer's Year, shares the story of his growing ministry that has brought him around the world and has filled the biggest stadiums in South Africa to capacity. Now his latest book, Come of Age (Monarch Books), brings readers up-to-date on Buchan's life and calling.

At age 61, Buchan has had a full life, overcoming droughts, family tradegies, health issues and financial crisis. His bold faith has carried him through it all, and he now stands as a witness to wonderful miracles of provision and healing. "There is no shortcut to precious life, except by going through hardships and literally facing death in the face," writes Buchan. "I thank God for every experience I've had which has brought me to the stage of life where I believe I have really come of age."

Indeed, God has used Angus Buchan in a mighty way. After collapsing in the middle of a Mighty Men conference, Buchan has come to terms with his own mortality. He has reappraised his priorities and now focuses his efforts on mentoring younger men, encouraging them to develop their own spiritual maturity. Lives have been changed, miracles have proclaimed God's power, and all because one farmer dared to tell others about Jesus.

We don't know how God works and it's not for us to figure it out," write Buchan. "One thing I have realized, though, is that God always uses people. God wants to use you, and He wants to use me. The question is not are ou able, the question is: are you available?"