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Dearly Departed
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We'd like to take a moment to honor loved ones who passed away during the year 2013. Some are Homecoming family and some are friends, but all will be missed and live on in our memories. Even as we rejoice that these dear men and women have received their heavenly reward, we pray for God to comfort those left behind.

Alexine Rosalba Timm, mother of Tori Taff (and mother-in-law to Russ), March 26, age 96, info/photos here and here.

Gordon Stoker of the Jordanaires, March 27, age 88, visit this page from

Teresa McNeill Burrell, former singer with the LeFevres, March 29, age 61, info here and video tribute here.

Country music superstar George Jones – April 26, age 81, visit

George Beverly Shea, gospel singer and hymn composer – April 16, age 104, read this article from Emily Sutherland about Mr. Shea and visit for additional information.

Brennan Manning, author, April 12, age 78, visit

Monroe Hopper
, Claude’s brother – May 17, age 86, visit this page for info/photos or here for a video tribute.

R.C. “Red” Talley, Roger and Kirk’s father – May 22, age 85, visit here for more information.

Jean Thompson Burger – Anthony’s mother – June 21, age 79, click here for information.

WWII vet Julian (J.R.) Long, father of Ladye Love Smith, June 6, age 89, more information here and here.

Harold Gilley, former member of Palmetto State Quartet, July 2, age 71, read more here and here.

Jeff Davis – formerly with the Down East Boys, July 29, age 54, more information here.

Clifton Aubine English, father of Michael English – August 14, age 80, read more here.

Jack Laws, founding member of the Inspirations, Aug. 27, age 68, more info here.

Maxine Tait, mother of Lynda Randle and the Newsboys’ Michael Tait  – Sept. 12, read our article here.

George Amon Webster, former Cathedrals Quartet member, Sept. 28, age 67, visit this page for more.

Paul Crouch, founder of TBN, November 30, age 79, visit this page for more information.

Beverly Davis Lowry, mother of Mark Lowry, Dec. 2, age 79, visit Mark's web page and also the Gaither website.

John Whisnant, Sr. – father of John Jr. and Jeff Whisnant – Dec. 23, age 83, visit here for more information.

Louise Lovelace, mother of Tim Lovelace, Dec. 28, check here for info.

Jack Pittman, former member of Palmetto State Quartet and SGMA Hall of Famer, Dec. 29, age 87, visit this page for details.