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delightED: Life Is A Picnic
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Life is a picnic! Rightly viewed in the full light of the New Covenant of the grace of God, that is a profound statement. The apostle Peter discovered the wonder and thrill of the spiritual significance of such a statement. His discovery is recorded in chapter 21 of the Gospel of John. The very last thing Peter expected that morning was to be invited by the Lord Jesus to picnic with Him on the beach. It was not an accident that the breakfast Jesus planned for Peter was prepared on a charcoal fire. Only two times in the Bible record do we read of a charcoal fire: The first was the one in the courtyard by which Peter denied his Lord. The second one was on the beach where the resurrected Jesus desired to picnic with Peter and fully restore his life of union with Christ. The Lord Jesus was not trifling or toying with Peter by choosing to restore him completely by the light of a charcoal fire. For Peter, this fire was an indispensable part of his recovery. Jesus was dealing with the deep guilt and regret that would keep Peter from living life as a picnic in union with HIM. Life is a picnic only for those who feel welcome to feast with Jesus at the charcoal fire. So completely has the Lord Jesus dealt with the past! Here is Peter’s testimony!


Our nets filled to bulging — all seven aboard were marveling! How could it be?

One Lover of Jesus cried, “It is the Lord!” I cast myself into the sea!

I could not forebear for the boat to arrive; nor could I delay to inquire;

My heart was impatient to see Him alive — but not by the light of that fire!

One glance at the light of the hot glowing coal, although it was awkward and brief,

Revealed the guilt in the depths of my soul, as if in a mirror of grief.

I saw in the flashback, a great moral storm — as soldiers and slaves huddled low,

My hands were extended with theirs, to keep warm; like thunder, I heard the cock crow!

I wanted the vision at once to depart; I felt I could bear it no more —

Two fires were burning: one deep in my heart, the other one, there on the shore!

The embers were glowing, I could not forget! I turned from His presence divine,

And busied myself with the fish and the net. I heard Him say, “COME HERE AND DINE!”

“Come dine at the fire! Have union with Me! Fear not to relax in this place!

The charcoal was chosen to set your heart free, and show you the depth of My grace!

Your sin is forgiven! With Me it was nailed forever to Calvary’s tree!

The past will not hinder! Although you have failed — come, dine at the fire with Me!”

There’s no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus, He met me that day on the shore.

I’m comfortable now, and my life is a picnic! The fire disturbs me no more!

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