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Digging Deeper: Jim Murray
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Name:   Jim Murray
Birthday:  March 8, 1944
Family:  wife, Loretta;
sons, James Brent and Christopher Michael
Hometown:  Lansing, Michigan
What I Do:   Minister of Music and Senior Adult Director at Victory Baptist Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee

Bible Verse:   Psalm 27
Song:   "He Touched Me"
Movie:  Caddyshack
TV Show:  “American Pickers”
Magazine:  Car and Driver
Celebrity:  Tim Tebow
Leisure Activity:  Golf and fishing (often at the same time!)

(The Imperials with thier Dove Award in 1969)








To me, a perfect day would be...
spent with my wife Loretta, doing nothing in particular.

My idea of true happiness is...
spending time at Gulf Shores with my family..

If I were given a million dollars to spend frivolously, I would...
purchase a Porsche for me, a BMW for Lorretta and set up my grandchildren for college. It’s very difficult to do much with only a million dollars anymore but I’ll try!

I was never more afraid than when...
Brent ran a coat hanger down his throat when he was about 7 years old. It just missed an artery and he could have bled to death. I thank the Lord for His protection upon my family over the many years I was out on the road.

The worst moment I ever had on stage was when...
I noticed the “barn door” was open.

The hardest I ever laughed was...
when I first joined the Imperials and Henry Slaughter wore one of Jake’s old hairpieces, backwards…for two weeks…on stage…before Jake showed him the way it was supposed to be worn!

If I could live anywhere else in the world it would be...
in my home country of Scotland.

The worst trouble I ever got into when I was a child was...
having the police called by our neighbor for throwing his prized tomatoes all over his garden.
I just knew that I’d be scarred for life…would not be able to get a job…thrown out of school and so forth. That circumstance made a lasting impression and taught me that actions do have consequences.

God first became a reality in my life...
at a Youth for Christ camp meeting in the Billy Sunday Tabernacle at Winona Lake, Indiana.

I would like my epitaph to say...
“Good husband, father, singer, lived to be 100, then…just ‘Sailed On.’”

My favorite sound of all is...
when four male voices lock into a chord and the harmonics and the overtones can be heard and felt. It’s even better when I get to be one of those voices!

The best advice I ever received was...
what my first voice professor told me: “If you don’t take care of your voice, no one else will either.”

If I could pick my “last meal” it would be...
Prime rib (12 oz. medium rare) with a loaded baked potato, asparagus spears and tiramisu for dessert, accompanied by a cold glass of fruit tea with never-ending refills.

My best quality and my worst quality are...
the same — trying to avoid confrontation.

My motto for life is…
“I choose not to be conformed to this world but to be transformed by the renewing of my mind so that I might live out the good and perfect will of God.”

(Jim Murray and his family)