While “channel surfing” a few years ago, I stopped when I heard Guy Penrod and Glen Payne singing “Haven of Rest” — it was the first time I had seen a Gaither DVD (Joy at the Camp) or even heard of the Gaithers, but I thank God every day that I found you. The music and its message literally brought me back to God. I’d always been a Christian, but while I talked the talk, I did not walk the walk. Since that time, I have purchased more than 60 of your DVDs and several of your CDs (and been very appreciative of the free CD that often accompanies the purchase of a DVD). My favorites from the start were Mark Lowry, Vestal Goodman (how I wish I had known that dear lady in my life!), Jessy Dixon, Guy Penrod, the Hoppers … oh, just too many to list.

My nightly “devotions” are to put on one of the DVDs and just surround myself with the music of my childhood as I get in touch with my Father in Heaven. When I am low in spirit and need a laugh, I watch all of Mark Lowry’s DVDs. I never think of the Gaithers and Homecoming artists as “entertainment.” I thank God that He used you all in my life, to bring me back to a closer walk. I am truly “greatly blessed, highly favored, an imperfect but forgiven child of God.”

Medford, Massachusetts