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'Does God Sing?'
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Does God Sing? A Musical Journey
by Aaron Robinson
(Tate Publishing)

Bill came home for supper and deposited a pile of mail and a paperback book on our kitchen island, as usual. “What’s this?” I asked him, holding up the book for more information.

“Somebody sent it; it has a reference to ‘He Touched Me’ in it, I think.”

I took it to the bedroom and put in on the ledge under his bookcase for him to check out. Next morning it was right back on the kitchen counter. “I thought you could respond to this,” he said. I sighed, thinking, Why me? and added it to the mountain of books that already awaited my attention.

Sometime that next week I picked up this ordinary-looking paperback and opened it to the flagged page about two-thirds back. I began to read the story of a simple, disheveled, homeless-looking woman who with her pure heart and her “widow’s mite” gift of a song to Jesus caused a Holy Spirit meltdown on Sunday morning at an over-sophisticated liturgical urban church.

I flipped through the book and drank in the beauty of the writing and the honest story of an amazing musical (and spiritual) journey. I Googled the author, then called the number I found on his website. The end result of that call was the conversation you will find by clicking HERE.

Just suffice it to say that Aaron Robinson, this musician who has had a varied and meandering career in all kinds of music (church music, classical music, jazz, Broadway, radio, television and conducting) builds his story on the question, “Does God Sing?” And beyond that, what in our lives makes us able to hear the song? What are those breaking-through moments that act as a tuning fork for us to re-tune everything we are doing? Could we hear God singing more if we could learn to listen better, to recognize the gentle tune, the roaring percussion, the heart-rending chords and the harmonies that are begging for our attention in the cacophony of sounds the material world makes to drown out His song?

I’m just saying, don’t miss this book! Give it to every musician you know, but don’t stop there. Write your own story of a God who is in our midst, a God who is rejoicing over us with song, a God in whose love we can rest and who gets His joy from singing His song over us.