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Eternal Weight
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In June 2005, my precious husband, Clark Newman, died of cancer. I was devastated. In time, I was forced to deal with putting the appropriate marker on his grave. I pored over scriptures dealing with love and grief; still no words could I fi nd to express this great love. Finally I cried in anguish, “Lord, I can’t do this. Please help me; just tell me what to do.” I immediately slept. When I awoke, the words “eternal weight” were in my head. Within seconds, the Lord revealed what they meant and what I was supposed to do. I immediately went to the funeral home and explained that God wanted me to spend the money I had been left on things that had “eternal weight.” I chose to decline an elaborate marker. With the remaining money God gave me my mission: A man in Sunday School who couldn’t pay his power bill, a child who couldn’t go to church camp because his single mother couldn’t afford it; a father with seven girls whose house burned to the ground; the victims of Hurricane Katrina… and on and on until all the money was gone! Recently, while I was recovering from a motorcycle accident, the Lord prompted me to write a song about “eternal weight.” With His help and inspiration I have done my best to compose these words for His glory.

Eternal Weight

“Eternal weight, eternal weight,” words from my Lord to me,
“Eternal weight, eternal weight,” words with power to set us free.

Free from our quest for material things
Free to enjoy what a giving heart brings.
No longer too busy to help brother or friend
But showing love to others each time we can.

Many of the “things” we work so hard to attain,
Only bring the heart, body and spirit pain.
But spreading kindness and love to our fellow man,
Enriches life more than any “earthly stuff” can.

Rather than a lifestyle that brings trouble and strife,
Love and compassion for others will enrich our life.
Our journey through life leaves a legacy,
“Worldly weight” or “eternal weight,” what will it be?

When our troubles and trials get too much to bear,
Try spreading “eternal weight” and see how you’ll fare.
When we invite God into our lives, He seals our fate.
Let’s be grateful and live according to “eternal weight.”

Material possessions will someday be gone,
But if we could help at least one person along,
The spirit might be infectious and reach across God’s earth
With a new kind of peace and joy and a wondrous rebirth!

Kimberly, Alabama