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Eye-Opening Ministry
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[Your book] Something Beautiful is well done. It is thrilling to know the background of the words and music that the Lord has given you. Your early English teaching prepared you in a marvelous way for your future ministry.

You will rejoice to know that your music and messages have been played while thousands of patients have undergone cataract extractions with intraocular lens implants … primarily at the Kissy UMC Eye Hospital, Freetown, Sierra Leone, Africa. Many times patients have reported the blessing that your songs were while they were fully awake with local anesthesia and under the “knife.”

Bill, I revered and loved my wife, Ruth, as much as you revere and love Gloria. Without Ruth and her commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ, our 65-year ministry together would not have been possible. My book Be a Medical Missionary is dedicated to her.

Lowell Gess, M.D.
Alexandria, Minnesota