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Five Questions for Kelly Nelon Clark (and one question for Sam)
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You probably know that Kelly Nelon Clark is the daughter of the legendary bass singer Rex Nelon, and you probably also know that she’s made a wonderful career singing alto for the LeFevres and the Nelons, winning many awards along the way. I’m sure you’re aware that she’s an accomplished songwriter as well, and that she loves performing with her husband, Jason Clark, and her daughter, Amber Nelon Thompson.  But we’ve uncovered just a few things that you may not know about Kelly . . . and her spunky dachshund Sam! We were only going to ask Kelly to answer five questions, but we added a sixth question about Sam, and he not only answered us, but he did so by video! Enjoy…

HOMECOMING: What has been one highlight of 2012 for you, so far?

KELLY: I don't know just one single thing, but several highlights have been being on the Homecoming Tour and Alaska Cruise, being at Shadow Mountain in El Cajon, Calif., visiting Sweden and Norway and recording our second concept video. These are all great highlights, but for me, the best was being able to minister to a young lady who was dying with Aids and thought she was or had been so bad that God wouldn't love her or forgive her. Sharing the Gospel with her was definitely my highlight.

HOMECOMING: That’s wonderful, and what a blessing you must have been to her. Here is our next question for you: Apart from singing, what is one of your favorite things to do?

KELLY: One of my newest favorite things to do is SocialCam (which is a smartphone application for creating and sharing videos).  I love letting people in on what is going on with us through little video clips.

HOMECOMING: Yes, we’ve heard you are the designated SocialCam Queen of the Homecoming family! Next question…what is your favorite snack food?

KELLY:  Tootsie Rolls! I love chocolate!

HOMECOMING: We’re with you there! Moving on…how would your childhood friends describe you?

KELLY: Well, I think they thought I was fun to be around and loved to laugh.

HOMECOMING: That sounds about right, since you’re still fun and definitely love to laugh. Ok, we’re letting you choose this question…what is a question no one has ever asked you?

KELLY: That would be…what would have been your career choice had you not been a singer?

HOMECOMING: Good question . . . and your answer?

KELLY: Actor or pharmacist.

HOMECOMING: Wow, those are two quite dissimilar choices! At any rate, it’s certainly nice for your fans that you ended up choosing the career you did. And here’s our last question. We’ve noticed that of your two adorable dachshunds, Sam and Simon, Sam seems to really enjoy being on camera. He’s a regular phenomenon, being featured in multiple SocialCam videos, and has developed his own following. So, has he let his newfound fame go to his head? Has he become a prima donna?

KELLY: Well, how about if I let Sam answer that for you?


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