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Five Questions for Reggie Smith
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Reggie and Ladye Love Smith have been part of the Gaither Homecoming Family for more than a decade and are also sought-after backup singers in Nashville and elsewhere. Their exciting career has also included performances in more than 12 countries, as well as at the Super Bowl, Carnegie Hall, the Kremlin, the Billy Graham Crusades and the Grand Ole Opry. Reggie recently took a few moments to answer some questions for Homecoming, and you may just be surprised by what he said!

HOMECOMING: What has been one of the highlights of 2012, in your life?

REGGIE: Midnight fishing on the Norwegian sea, with Ladye and Bret and good friends Kolbjørn  and Dan.

HOMECOMING: Wow! That does sound like an adventure. Next question...which three people, living or dead, would you love to invite to dinner, and why? And just to make it fun, they should be people you don’t already know (or don’t know well).

REGGIE: Elvis, thank you very much--Mississippi boy done good!! He seemed loyal to his crew. Then, Mother Theresa--the Giver of all Givers! Next, C.S. Lewis-- I would've loved having a spot of tea with afternoon conversation ... except that I would need Gloria to paraphrase for me, and then Mark Lowry to interpret and then ... Oh, never mind! 

HOMECOMING: Great answers, even with the "language barrier." OK, what career would you have chosen, if you had not been a vocalist?

REGGIE: I'd have to say coaching, or maybe an aerobics instructor with the sack socks.  Did that go a little too far?

HOMECOMING: Hmm...that's hard to picture! And speaking of picture, what is a movie that you never get tired of?

REGGIE: During the summer, my boy and I take a week to watch all of the Star Wars films. No girls allowed!!!

HOMECOMING: Sounds fun! Final question: What chore do you absolutely hate doing?

REGGIE: Making the bed with so many pillows. You can't even see the bed for pillows!! 

HOMECOMING: Fair enough! Hey, wonder what it would be like if we combined all of the answers...You could go ice fishing, sitting on pillows with Elvis, Mother Theresa and C.S. Lewis, with Star Wars playing. And you could all wear sack socks to keep your feet warm! Now, that's a photo that would be worth seeing! Thanks for your time, and we hope you and Ladye have a wonderful fall season!