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Folks I Used To Know
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I travel in my easy chair,
    back through the years of time;
Faces pass before my eyes,
    whose lives are linked with mine;
Among the first were Mom and Dad,
    so many years ago;
And I thank God for many more,
    of the folks I used to know.

Our town was filled on Saturday,
    with neighbors we all knew,
Us boys grew up so quickly then,
    to fight in World War II;
A few remain from yesterday,
    in this old world below,
But heaven keeps on adding names,
    of the folks I used to know.

I used to call ’em “old folks,”
    back in my younger days;
I never dreamed the day would come
    I’d see myself that way!
Now heaven’s just around the bend,
    it won’t be long, I know,
I’ll be surrounded once again
    by the folks I used to know.

Colorado Springs, Colorado