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Generation Z
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We were at Sunday dinner with our friends Philip and Remona and their 3-year-old son, Daniel. Remona asked Daniel if he would entertain us with a new song he had just learned in Sunday School.

“Yes, Mummy,” he replied, as he climbed down from his chair. But instead of singing in his sweet little voice, Daniel just ran circles around our dining room table, around and around several times. Remona said, “Daniel, we thought you were going to sing for us!” Without a pause in his running, Daniel replied, “Yes, Mummy, but first I am ‘downloading’ and now I am only 60 percent, but soon I will be 100 percent.”

Then Daniel sang, “Jesus loves me this I know...” And yes, He does love this lovely little boy who is now a wonderful 12-yearold. God bless our delightful little ones who continue to love Jesus.

Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada