I arrived at my son’s home in Colorado. His family and our other son’s family had been waiting there for me. Of course, there was a lot of talking going on because there were a lot of people there. Our 7-yearold grandson hadn’t seen me for several months and he stood beside me looking up into my face, not saying anything. I looked down at him and smiled. He looked up at me while patting his own cheeks with his hands, trying to choose his words so carefully. He said, “Grandma, you…uh…you…your…uh…your bones aren’t holding your skin up!

— Marty Lane
Folsom, California


In February I was watching two of my granddaughters (Pictured left: Lydia - 4 and Sarah - 6) while their mommy was in the hospital battling leukemia. One evening, I could “see the wheels turning” as 4-year-old Lydia kept looking at my white hair. Finally she said, “Grammy—do you know what? You’re getting old!” I chuckled; but before I could reply she added with the emphasis and hand motions of a 4 year old on a mission: “And I don’t know HOW He’s going to do it, but pretty soon God’s going to take you to Heaven!” (I’ve read 1 Thessalonians 4:17, but I don’t think it mentions those of us with white hair going first!)

Little did we know then that just a few weeks later God would take her mommy Rachel to Heaven, even though she wasn’t old enough for white hair yet. But Lydia’s “theology” has been quite comforting to us.

— Norma Andrews
Beech Grove, Indiana