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Glory Days
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In my small hometown of Kingston, Tenn., my classmates and I had wonderful musical and sporting opportunities. As a fifth grader, I became a part of the elementary school band. I aspired to be a drummer, but my mother and the band director had another plan for me. So with a vote of two to one, I became a trombone holder. Notice, I didn’t say player, because I was less than enamored with the instrument, and was fifth chair out of six. The sixth chair was occupied by a young man with a defective instrument.

From age 8 to 14 I also played Dixie Youth Baseball, Little League Basketball and Optimist Club Football. The football teams were weight-based. There were three divisions — 90 pound, 105 pound and 125 pound. I was small enough to play on the 125-pound team until my freshman year of high school. Being older than most of the other players, I had a pretty successful tenure!

The high-school band was a marching band, so it was not possible to be in the band and play on the high-school football team at the same time. I took this as my opportunity to give up the trombone for a position on the team. At just over 125 pounds and not being a fast runner, I got a starting position on the team at right guard. In case you don’t know, the right guard is near the center of the offensive line where all the hitting, blocking, slapping, spitting and downright fighting goes on. Defensive players who outweighed me by 25 pounds or more knocked me around like a pinball. It was there that I first felt God’s call on my life to sing gospel music!

I formed the Woody Wright Singers with five classmates from church, and began following the call … thankful for my deliverance from the trombone and football! Looking back, Romans 8:28 becomes more special to me! I loved playing sports, and God used football (including the pain thereof) to show me His wonderful plan for my life!