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"God's Story, Your Story" by Max Lucado
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I’ve read several of Max Lucado’s books and have always enjoyed his writing. So it was with excitement that I picked up one of his latest books.

In God’s Story, Your Story, Max takes the reader on a beautiful journey through the New Testament, giving examples of how God writes His story with normal people. People like you and me.

As he weaves together stories from the Bible, along with narratives from his own life, he reminds us that we aren’t insignificant, we have purpose, and God has a special plan for our lives.

Lucado teaches us that God’s goal isn’t simply to make us comfortable and happy. His goal is to prepare us for His kingdom — meaning our struggles have purpose and reason. They aren’t just distractions. The tests and trials in life prepare us for what is to come.

When God’s story becomes our story, we see the challenges in life as something that will equip us for the future. Something that we’ll use in our service for Him.

When we see our story through God’s eyes, all of the struggles, all of the imperfections, all the disappointments and even the heartaches are more than disconnected, meaningless stories. They are one cohesive story that is woven into God’s grand design — the story He is writing for our lives.